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Fri, Sat 11.00-24.00
Mon, Tue, Wed upon reservation from 10 pers
This gastro-gem is stone-set in the restored historical National Romanticism gardener’s wooden cottage and is ornamented by the city park and canal. Though located in the very centre, you do get that romantic and serene cabin-in-the-woods feeling. The owners are completely in love with what they do, and you can feel it right away. Three magic fairies and also strong personalities: Laura (chef), Sandra (bartender) and Agnese (waitress) are making your visit special. The Romanian chef, who was once a film director, journalist and script-writer), is meticulous and passionate: she hand-smokes the biocorn chicken on green tea leaves (as per ancient Asian recipe) for your Caesar salad, grows herbs in the warmhouse on the spot and prepares true steaks from local meat (also game) with sizzling dark flavourful crust and tender’n’juicy inside. Also profound vegetarian and vegan options. Sandra skilfully tunes up old-fashioned cocktail recipes—try ‘Garden Smokey’. And Agnese rounds it all up with cheerful and fast service. Accelerate your pre-party mood with hand-selected jazzy/groovy live local artists at 19.00, best local resident lounge DJ sets from 22.00. Also tempting specials: pre-opera dining sets, seasonal and business sets, children menu, happy hours. Strong personal recommendation!