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Veronika ChiChi Quartet

Veronika ChiChi Quartet is an international jazz quartet driven by two remarkable Lithuanian jazz musicians – a singer Veronika Čičinskaitė-Golovanova and a piano player Dmitrij Golovanov. A perfectly tuned duo not only on stage but also in life – they blend together in virtuoso performances seasoned with playful jazz flavor. The rhythm section is completed with Amsterdam-based Lithuanian drummer Augustas Baronas and Estonian double bass player Heikko Remmel.

Veronika ChiChi - vocal (Lithuania)
Dmitrij Golovanov - keys (Lithuania)
Heikko Remmel - double bass (Estonia)
Augustas Baronas - drums (Lithuania)

Ticket price: 10 EUR. Tickets available at the club 1 hour before the concert. Table reservation - +371 25642429