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Sense of Mysterious Distance

The artist Jānis Murovskis and the gallery Daugava invite you to view the latest silkscreen exhibition The Incomprehensible Feeling of Distance. Through this medium the artist is striving to find new ways of creative expression as well as new technological solutions, often resulting in unexpected outcomes. Avoiding visually recognizable images, he encourages us to look, perceive and feel while enjoying the interplay of colour and areas.

Jānis Murovskis has stated:” I am fond of big colour areas” and “I take the liberty to do what isn’t normally allowed.” He prefers using the entire sheet of paper. The resulting work may be homogeneous or it may be fragmented but it is defined by the interrelationship between the subject matter, the properties of the colours, fortuities and viewer’s reactions to them. A technological mishap can be made to appear positive by the artist’s appropriate reaction or interpretation to it, a complicated process determined by the artist’s skill and philosophical approach.