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Masters and Masterpieces. Beethoven. Trio Palladio. Modestas Pitrenas.

With Beethoven’s major anniversary approaching, we are consolidating our knowledge of the genius musical revolutionary and including his Symphony no. 5 in the programme. Even those who don’t know Beethoven’s name or surname are familiar with its providential motives. The leader of the Lithuanian National SO, Modestas Pitrėnas, is particularly enthusiastic about Beethoven’s music, so the concert’s first part also features one of his works. However, Beethoven will have to share the spotlight with the brilliant Trio Palladio, who constructs crystal-clear musical palaces with the excellent architect’s name in mind. An unforgettable happening in store!

Trio Palladio -

Modestas Pitrenas

Ludwig van BEETHOVEN Triple Concerto
Ludwig van BEETHOVEN Symphony no. 5