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Denis Matsuev and Symphony Orchestra

Denis Matsuev and symphony orchestra (conductor Alexander Sladkovsky).

A concert program: The first Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto, George Gershwin "Rhapsody in Blue".

Denis Matsuev became famous after his victory at the XI International P.I. Tchaikovsky contest in 1998. In the early 21st century, Matsuev became one of the most popular modern pianists, who successfully blends musical innovation with the traditions of the Russian piano school. Matsuev is a soloist of Moscow Philharmonic. Since 2004, he has presented his yearly personal program ‘Denis Matsuev, the Soloist’. Denis Matsuev is also listed in the rating of best modern pianists compiled by the Internet resource ranker.com (which includes the virtuosos of the recent past). The musician collaborates with the leading symphony orchestras of the world. Denis is a recipient of many prestigious awards. The musician is a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador.