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Bep Viet

Legitimate place to try out and even became an expert in the true Vietnamese cuisine. Standing a little aside from the milky-spicy Thai and sauce oriented Chinese gastronomies, Vietnamese cuisine is based on the discerning tastes of all ingredients, with accents on the seasonal vegetables, several meat preparation technics in one meal, or mind blowing seafood-meets-meat dishes ensuring the comfort for the European stomach. Owned and operated by enthusiastic and open-hearted Vietnamese family couple, ensuring exact traditional Vietnamese taste to each meal you choose. We recommend to start with quintessential 'Pho' soup with three variously-prepared kinds of the local beef, than pick up the set of the spring rolls with shrimp-beef or vegetarian in dip-fried or in the transparent rice layer-dough and have a wok main on top. The cuisine is perfect for the companies to share. Their 11.00-17.00 lunch deal is a constructor, ensuring you will hardly have the same set the other day. Big portions, satisfactory all-day breakfasts, mind blowing extra rare basil-seed lemonades and even a small Viet produce shop. Amazingly affordable!