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Fri 07.30-02.00
Sat 09.00- 02.00, Sun 10.00-24.00
Tells stories about Latvia in a way that is modern, but respects traditions. The restaurant’s location on the edge of the city’s most gorgeous parks, between the Freedom Monument, the Latvian National Opera and the Laima Clock allow its guests to enjoy the most beautiful cityscapes of Riga in any season. Its exquisite and seasonally coloured gourmet menu, its large and high-quality wine menu, as well as its modern Latvian interior have turned this restaurant into an iconic location for Riga’s gourmets and event organisers. The transformation of the restaurant’s concept creates a show out of the change from day to night. The transformation of the interior into a romantic place at night makes it a perfect venue for intimate and formal celebrations that offer an unforgettable view on the beautiful, regardless of the season, cityscape outside the terrace windows.