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K.K. Fon Stricka Villa

12.00-last client
Sat 16.00-22.00
closed Sun
Oct-Apr banquets only
An architecturally, culturally, and atmospherically enchanting Riga pearl. The villa is named after Carl Cristoph fon Stritzky – the late-19th century brewer who used to live in the beautiful garden between the villa and the brewery. For a while, the villa was abandoned but now its legacy lives on, as it is now a popular meeting point, a cultural venue, and a lively party location. Gorgeous royal belle époque tiled stoves, authentic wooden floors, as well as still untouched wooden incrusted ceilings that nostalgically allude to the bygone times of fon Strickis. On a work-day between 12:00 and 16:00, you may step inside for an affordable business lunch, but the come by any day for a quick coffee or the à la carte menu. Aldonis Elksnis – the head chef of fon Stricka villa – has a taste for European style contemporary salads, soups, and stews, while also providing options for vegetarians. As for the beverages – the bar offers a variety of beers and cocktails. If you want to rub shoulders, there is live music by local musicians, DJ sets, theatre performances, and more. Oh, and before you set foot on the affable park-terrace, don't forget to check out the smallest art gallery in town; it's just by the front door! In short: sophisticated, serene, and charismatic!