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35th RIGA FASHION WEEK - a course towards sustainable development

The fashion industry around the world can no longer ignore the negative impact it is having on the planet. With this in mind, the organiser of RIGA FASHION WEEK - the Baltic Fashion Federation - has chosen sustainability as the main theme for the 35th edition of Riga Fashion Week, which will take place from 7 to 11 October.

The main photo of the upcoming RIGA FASHION WEEK is by stylist Olga Kolotova and photographer Oleg Zerrnov. The make-up artist and hairstylist is Julia Zolverga, the model is Nadina Kirilova (The Runaways Models), the assistant stylist is Laura Verlome. Clothing by Latvian brand NOLO, designer - Viktorija Joniene. The outfit was accessorised with H&M accessories.

"The image was created as part of the Fashion Story in the September issue of Pastaiga magazine. It reflects the season's trend towards a new conservatism - classic items are presented in a bolder and more contemporary interpretation," says Olga Kolotova.

According to statistics, the fashion industry accounts for between four and ten per cent of total greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere each year. Thus, every year, the task of reducing the fashion industry's negative impact on the environment becomes not just a trend, but a necessity.

"In order to preserve the planet's natural resources, it is necessary to curb reckless consumption, dictated by the constant desire for something new. For many seasons, Nolo's guiding principle has been 'slow fashion', and now also so-called essentialism. The costume chosen for the Riga Fashion Week look is made of so-called "dead stock" fabric - material that has been lying unused in warehouses for years and has finally found a life of its own. Using fabric from warehouses significantly reduces environmental pollution. The quality and colour have been chosen to ensure versatility and seasonality - it is complemented with a variety of accessories and clothing elements, and is equally at home in winter or summer," says Viktorija Joniene, designer of Nolo.

RFW's official sustainability partner is the Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA).

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