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Having played a concert in Arena Riga a year ago, having spent a decent festival summer, The Sound Poets are now announcing quieter spring plans – to go on tour around Latvia with acoustic concerts. They want to step away from the usual sound of their songs and try new instrumental combinations to eventually come to the closest and most direct possible contact with the audience – this is what both audience and the band have always loved about acoustic concerts.

“The most special thing about it is the concert atmosphere – we feel like having a quiet dialog with every guest. And if afterwards this guests sends you a personal message saying that the concert felt like played for him alone – that is the best reward for us”, the musicians say.

“Why such name – KLUSĀK (“Quieter”)? Maybe because it best describes what will happen there – the volume will be reduced, but the music will not be turned down, it will simply be oriented to inside, to the meaning of the songs, telling their story in different sound shades.