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Roberts Koļcovs. PAIR

February 07, Friday - February 29, Saturday
Even the digits of the year make one wonder about the meaning of the PAIR in the general context of everyday life and holidays. At this year’s exhibition, numeral 2 is the backbone of the variations what the Botanist observes both in nature and in his exhibit.

The central image CENTAUR is so directly representative of the dual nature of the being – combining the animal with the human, if human, as noble, thoughtful, intellectual and animal, as the driving force of nature, power, and cosmic primordial. A centaur is a very dynamic character with an instructive nature and very often plays the role of a teacher, illustrating the possibility of transferring knowledge beyond intellectually.

The PAIR should be seen as both a balancing force and a destabilizing force that clearly has dynamics in both directions. It is inspiring and has worked on Botanist’s this year’s strings, where a listener is welcome at the Art gallery PUTTI in February, when the light returns to everyday life on a larger scale and the world is full of awakening.

Roberts Koļcovs (1966) graduated from the Department of Sculpture at the Riga School of Applied Arts and the Graphic Department of the Art Academy of Latvia. Regularly participates in exhibitions. The artist has created illustrations for books and press publications, as well as author of paintings of many public spaces and private houses. The artist’s works are in private collection in Latvia and all around the world.