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Beethoven VS Šmite

Beethoven, Old Town and Ancient Greece - Yes, there are no impossible encounters and overflows in music. Theatrical Kagel pays tribute to this year's anniversary, which has brought out a quintet inspired by Mozart. The Shmite walks through the labyrinths of Old Riga and listens to Noise Street, while Jolie listens to Apollon's own son, Linos, who teaches music to Orpheus. Frances calls for a gallant date, but it is all arranged by LNSO blowers and Agnese Egliņa. It is intriguing to discover that one of the musicians will have mastered the basics of percussion play and will appear in a new amplitude, but whoever it is will only be revealed at the concert.

LNSO brass quintet: Maija ZANDBERGA - flute, Egils UPATNIEKS - oboe, Mārtiņš CIRCENIS - clarinet, Jānis SEMJONOVS - bassoon, Artūrs ŠULTS - horn Agnese EGLIŅA - piano