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Shvembldr exhibition

"I am very pleased to present FLEETING INFINITY by SHVEMBLDR, an exhibition unique in the world, in an art space like Digital Art House, comments the artist of almost 4,000 works. Their value on the secondary market exceeds 20 million dollars. One of the most sought-after creators of NFT art, behind the pseudonym Shvembldr, is actually a resident of Riga, so the opening of this exhibition has a special meaning: "Since the beginning of my career as a generative artist, I have been thinking about an exhibition format in which guests could become direct participants in the creation of a painting. I am happy to have had the opportunity to do this in my hometown!"

Shvembldr has created 45 images especially for this exhibition, which is now open to all residents and visitors of the capital. These artworks have been specially adapted for the Digital Art House space, allowing four screens to be used for demonstration during the exhibition, creating an atmosphere of infinity. During the private view, any of the event's guests will be able to have a hand in the creation of a painting by pressing a button in the hall, thus enabling a code created by the artist.

According to Ilya, generative art is a unique symbiosis of art and modern technology. The artist creates an algorithm that produces an infinite number of unique images with a random set of parameters, but at the same time with a single concept. The result can be static, moving, 3D or even virtual, but the most important thing is that each image is unique and has no analogues. Roman Morozov, owner of Digital Art House, added: "This is the world's first exhibition in this format and we are extremely excited to be working with Ilya to create a truly magical atmosphere for visitors to our centre."

The exhibition "FLEETING INFINITY by SHVEMBLDR" is open to the general public from 01.09.2022 to 15.10.2022.