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Facts about Latvia
About Latvia (0 comments)

Cultural and historical division
Latvia is divided into four historical and cultural regions: Kurzeme (western part of Latvia), Zemgale (southern part), Vidzeme (middle and northern part), Latgale (eastern part)


2 319 203

Highest point
Gaizins ľ 311.50m

Largest lake
Lubanas ľ 82

Longest river
Daugava ľ 1 020km (367km within Latvia)

Moderate climate with considerable temperature variations. The summers are warm, but the winters, that last from November until mid-March, can be very cold. The weather in autumn and spring is relatively mild. The heaviest rainfalls are observed in August. Snowfall is common in winter. Average temperature: July +18.1░C, February -5.0░C

-- The official language is Latvian. It is an Indo-European, non-Slavic and non-Germanic language and is similar only to Lithuanian. Russian, English and German are widely spoken.

Predominantly Protestant (Lutheran). Roman Catholic in the eastern part of the country.

Ethic composition (0 comments)

Latvian: 58.8%
Russians: 28.6%
Belarussians: 3.8%
Ukrainians: 2.6%
Polish: 2.5%
Lithuanians: 1.4%
Others: 2.3%

Citizens: 1 819 222
Non -Citizens: 452 302

Population of major Latvia's cities (2 comments)

Riga - Latvia's capital: 731 762

Daugavpils: 110 379

Liepaja: 86 264

Jelgava: 66 136

Jurmala: 55 603

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