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Very Cool People

“To call themselves VERY COOL PEOPLE they got to have good sense of humor or huge self confidence – almost verging on arrogance. After listening to the band you are happily entitle to say they are rightful to call themselves VERY COOL PEOPLE even if they meant it seriously.”

Music magazine “Muzikas saule”

Very Cool People is a jazz-funk, fusion band originated in Riga, Latvia, by guitarist Elvijs Grafcovs. With a backbone in jazz and funk, incorporating influences from rock and hip-hop, Very Cool People is creating modern, complicated and listenable music for a wide audience. The band using contemporary tools is trying to put jazz back to dancefloor and make it more accessible to ordinary, nowadays persons.

VCP is an active-giging band in which all the members love & enjoy to perform live shows more than anything. When they are on the stage they “blow the roof off” of the place & charge audience’s batteries with energy that is coming out from the guys when they are in act.

In September 2015th VCP had released their third album FUNKOLOGY. FUNKOLOGY is nominated in 2015th Latvian Music Awards as “Best Jazz & Blues album”. It is the bands first live album and features Incredible guest artists: Evilena Protektore – vocal; Dinara Rudan – vocal; Oskars Stolse-Semerovs – vocal & mouth harmonica; Kristīne Prauliņa – vocal; Jānis Stībelis – vocal; Aija Vītoliņa – vocal; Ralfs Eilands – vocal.

In October of 2012th band had released their second album Cruising In The Trolley. This album was nominated as “Best Jazz album of 2012″ at Latvian Music Awards 2012.

In the beginning of summer 2009 VCP released a self-titled debut, which had a great feedback from music critics, both jazz & mainstream audiences. VCP’s debut had been nominated in two 2009 Latvian music award nominations- “Best instrumental album” & “Best debut”.

From 2010 till 2011 VCP had released several singles, but these tunes are not included in any of bands albums. Most of them features great guest artists with whom VCP have played some nice gigs as well. Two of these singles – Hugo & Cool People’s House – came out with cool video animations made by latvian artists Liene & Maija Mackus(Hugo) and Liene Rubane(Cool People’s House).

The band has a great performing experience which has lead them through a lot of festivals & clubs around: – Latvia – Lithuania – Estonia – Poland – Austria – Spain. Very Cool People also doesn’t raise any objection to new experiments and experience featuring vocals, MC’s or other instrumentalists. They have worked with different artists (vocalists, MCs & instrumentalists) from Latvia, Germany, UK, USA & Spain.
Quotes about VERY COOL PEOPLE:
„Listening to the group VERY COOL PEOPLE music you get the feeling that life is eternal feast…“ by Jazzmusic.lv
“Enough fun in the album, they are definitely even more exciting in live performances, mixing in sparkling cocktail funk to jazz and blues and adding another spices known just by them selfs…” by Mūziksa Saule(Latvian music magazine)
„VCP offers music for lovers of life and enjoyers of senses.“ by FHM
„Like good recording should be(Cruising In The trolley), it is able to take the listener and fully import thim in its own world…“ by Veto Magazine
„CRUISING IN THE TROLLEY that’s very cool with no irony.“ by Eroks.lv