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Film Trophies. 40s-50s

A trophy is presented for a victory or is taken by the victors themselves as a symbol of luck. As a proof of the victory in the World War II, the Soviet Union brought home the so-called “trophy films” and part of them were screened in cinemas. Trophy films have created new trophies – the filmgoers’ memories of their youth, of the complex time of the 1940ies / 50ies, of the great popularity of cinema going.

The exhibition "Film Trophies" tells the story of the period’s film repertoire, cinemas of Riga, Latvia, and the filmgoers. It emphasizes cinema as the most accessible form of entertainment at the time, as well as the politics that informed its contents - not only "trophy films" but also Soviet productions.

Memory interprets details but preserves the significant, revealing the films, actors, cinemas and filmgoing rituals. The story of these memories is revealed in written text, video interviews, film excerpts, newsreels, photographs, posters, film advertisements, Communist Party meetings' transcripts and decrees, images of cinemas' interiors and exteriors, and other visual and graphic testimonies to the era.

Curator: Zane Balčus Design: Mārtiņš Ratniks, Dace Džeriņa Exhibition team: Līva Pētersone, Juris Freidenbergs, Laima Mincenofa, Dace Grants The project is part of Riga - European Capital of Culture 2014 official programme